Changing My Direction ~~ A One Direction fan fiction [boyxboy] - Chapter Twenty-Three
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When Louis Tomlinson makes a live prank on national television that he's gay and has a secret boyfriend, the world believes it. It was supposed to be harmless. Nothing was supposed to happen. That is until they ask who his boyfriend is. Stunned, Louis doesn't know what to say. He didn't expect things to go that far. Until Harry Styles, his best friend and bandmate, lies for him and tells everyone that they're dating. Now, what is a boy to do when he's part of one of the most famous bands in the UK, and he's now "supposedly" dating his best friend. But what is he to do when he starts to fall for his best friend? Suddenly, Louis is starting to act unlike himself. Both him and Harry are drifting and coming together and many ways. When you're falling for your best friend, there's bound to be drama, jealousy, and secrets that arise.