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fuming but you shook it off and Zayn looked at you smirking and held out his hand "how about a walk?" you nodded and smiled and yelled to Liam and Niall "WERE GOING FOR A WALK!!" and Liam nodded and you turned around buy felt someone tap your shoulder you turned around and saw Niall "hey...umm...[y/n] ....when you come back....can I take you to a booth?" he asked looking at the ground "sure Ni.!" he smiled and left to Liam "so what are you planning to do Mr.Malik??" he chuckled "the question isn't what are we gonna do the question is what aren't we gonna do!" he said smirking "well okay!!" I said and laughed and we started walking looking around till you saw a roller coaster "Ooo! Zayn what about that?!" you said pointing to the tall roller coaster with kids screaming 

"Uhh...unmm...sure...why not??" he laughed nervous which made you laugh "if you say so!!" and dragged him in line! Y'all waited there for about 15-20 minutes and finally we were up! "ready?" I asked "yup!" he said cheerfully "you sure? We don't have to go!" I said studying his face "no we waited so were going!" he said dragging you to a cart and he picked the first one., you chuckled "isn't it bad enough were going on a roller coaster? And then you pick the first cart?" he smiled "yup! Today I face my fear!" he said "mhmm...." I said rolling my eyes and smiling"..alright!" we got in an buckled ourselfs and a guy came over and pulled the lever down by now I saw Zayn sweating and moving in his seat "you sure? We still have time to get off..." he looked at me and put a smile on and shook his head "no" "okay! Whatever you say" you said and looked forward the "PLEASE KEEP YOIR HANDS AND FEET AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE CART!! AND ENJOY!!" the man yelled and switched the lever down, the carts were all moving slowly and it looked like Zayn was about to bust out screaming so you grabbed his hand he looked down and back at you and smiled "don't worry" you said now you were slowly going up to the top and Zayn gripped on your hand even tighter finally..,we were at the top and facing down Zayn looked at you "what if we die?!??!!!!" Zayn said now freaking out!! You laughed "were not don't worr-AHHHHHHHHH" and started screaming the wind felt the best in your face going so fast!! And over to your side Zayn was yelling "OH MY GOSH AHHHHHHH HELP STOP IT!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! SOMEONE!!!!!" this wasn't gonna be pretty you were coming on to a loop Zayn saw and gripped on your hand so hard and yelled even louder "NOOOOOO!!! NOOO!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" he yelled *loop*  

You decided to have fun yelling  

"WWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WWHHOO!!! AHHHHHH!! YYAAYYY!!" you yelled at the top of your lungs!!! Finally it was over, And the levers came over y'all "Thank you for riding!" the man said Zayn un-buckled himself got out and walked a little bit from side to side his hair messed up and no color on his face....this wasn't gonna be good  

*le pukes* Zayn had let it all on the other hand started laughing at him and at how fun!! You ran over to Zayn "you alright?" you asked half laughing still! He looked at you "not even funny! My hair is messed and I look gross!!" you laughed even more and walked him to the bathroom "I'll be waiting right here" you said standing there "[y/n]!! Oh [Y/N]!! LIAM!! COME QUICK I FOUND HER!!" Niall yelled running over to me I checked my phone  

2 missed calls from Liam and 3 from Niall finally Niall was right in front of you breathing heavy with Liam running with his phone to his ear "-got to go bye!" he said and hung up his phone  

"where have y'all been we've called y'all!!" Niall said and then you heard Zayn puking again "well there you have it! The Zayn Malik went on a roller coaster!!" you said now laughing  

"WHOA WHAT?!?! You got The ZAYN MALIK!!?! To get on a roller coaster!!?!" Niall said so surprised "Yes!! You should have been there!" you said smiling then Zayn came out with some color on his face "BRAVO ZAYN!!" Niall said laughing and clapping! Zayn glared at him and you started laughing "well me and [y/n] and going for our walk now! Bye guys!" an Niall started dragging me, I turned around and waved bye and Liam waved back expect Zayn...still looking lost...haha...."so where are you taking me Ni?" he smiled "I saw you looking at the stuffed pig earlier so I wanted to get it for you!" he said "awww! Thank you Niall!" you said you looked at the small booth y'all were walking towards and Niall smiled and started running  

"Come on [y/n]!!" you laughed and started running to "Coming!!" finally we were in front of the booth and it had 5 seats with 5 water guns in front of them. 

Niall payed the man and started shooting into

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