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muttered, while trying to walk past him.

"Would you go out with a perfect stranger?" He continued as he stood in front of me, causing me to stop again.  I stared up at him as I contemplated his question. I couldn’t lie, he was sort of good looking – too bad be was annoying.

"Yes... But you’re not perfect" I smirked back, and then stepped around him and continued my way towards the awaiting doors.

"Ouch." He called back, causing me to smile slightly but carried on my way.

I was bombarded with the constant sound of whistles and countless chat up lines, as I walked through the school corridors. I was starting to feel as if maybe coming to this school wasn’t a good idea, and surprisingly I was wishing I was back at my old school in England.

"You’re new right?" I turned to see another guy smiling at me as he matched his pace with mine. He had blonde hair and light blue eyes. He was rather good looking in a cute kind of way, however I knew that looks could be conceiving.

"Is it that obvious?" I asked, surprised to feel my checks warm slightly. Why was I blushing?

"Er, Yeah?" He smiled, running his hand through his hair. "My names Wesley by the way" I gave him a genuine smile as we continued to walk down the corridor. For some reason, he seemed different than the other guys here. I mean he was smarter than the rest for a start. Instead of shouting out chat-up lines from across the corridor, he was actually making the effort to talk to me.  

"Skylar" I introduced myself.

"Would you like me to show you to your next class?" He asked slightly unsure, which had me smiling and nodding my head.

"That would actually be great, being new and all"

"You’re English?" He asked

"Yep." I said popping my p

"Your accents cute." He complemented me.

"Thanks" I said instead of coming up with some witty comment.

"So what's your first lesson?"

“Hang on.” I muttered as I pulled out my schedule from my bag. "Um English with Mr Bailey?"

"Oh, same!" He smiled and generally looked happy to be in the same class as me.

"Cool… So who was that guy?" I asked, not sure if he had seen the conversation before. However, then again practically the whole school had stopped to witness that little encounter, so I would bet that he had.

"That was Nick Coleman." He rolled his eyes

"Dick" I mused for a second "... Yes definitely has possibilities for a nick name." With that Wesley erupted in laughter and I couldn't help but laughing with him, what can I say? His laughter was contagious!

"We tend to go with Dick Jerkman, but I'll give you credit seeing as you're a new and all." He mimicked with a grin.

We were in class by now and Wesley sat down behind a desk and began staring intently at me – As if he was thinking hard about something.

"Is anyone sitting here?" I asked him unsure.

"Not anymore." He smiled and then focused his attention to something behind me. "You can find somewhere else to sit, right Chase?" It was then that I noticed the boy standing behind me. I turned my head to take a look at him, noticing how he had dark brown hair and dark eyes which worked well with his tanned skin.

"Yeah, it’s…fine" Chase shrugged, but he wasn't looking at Wesley, he was looking intently at me with a weird look in his eyes. Confusion? Recognition? I wasn’t sure.

"Chase." He introduced himself "Have we met before?" He frowned slightly, like he was trying to put something together in his head.

"Um, no I don't think so. I only moved here a few days ago." I reassured him, watching as he shook his head slightly as if trying to get rid of the thought.

Wesley's POV

She was totally beautiful, but I couldn't help but think I’d already met her. Those blue eyes, I was sure I had seen already. 

To say I was confused was an understatement, I was nearly 100% sure I was right. I mean even her scent was familiar, though her voice wasn't... Weird. Who was this girl?  

I felt myself vibrate, and I took out my phone. 


Chase  - 9:34

Who is she?  

I swear I've met her b4, it’s fucking strange!


See! It wasn't just me. I knew I'd seen her before, but where? 

"Wes, do you have a rubber?" She whispered, nick name? I like it, wait! 

"What?!" I whispered with wide and amused eyes... what did she just ask me for? 

"Oh! Shoot!" Her blue eyes bulged as she clasped her hand to her mouth, blushing profoundly. "I meant eraser." She giggled. Aw she was cute when she was embarrassed!

"In, England we call an eraser a..." She blurted before I cut her off. 

"I figured" I laughed, "but no I don't have an eraser, but I do have...." I trailed off before she hit my arm shaking her head. 

"You’re such a guy!"   

"I am the last time I checked" I laughed back. 

"Hey babe, I've got a condom with your name on it honey if you’re still in need?" I watched as Mike Andrews, one of the schools resident players turn in his seat to smirk at Skylar.  

"Oh, you must be mistaken, my names not Durex extra small." She grinned evilly back, now totally composed. Gosh this girl was good!  

I didn't realise I was laughing until I heard my name being shouted from the front of the class.

"WESLEY and ...?" I immediately stopped laughing to look at Mr Bailey as he looked down at Skylar. She was now wearing the cutest expression on her face, as she tried to consume her laughter by biting her lip. 

"Um Skylar Evans… Sir." She mumbled. 

"Well I must say you’re not making a good first impression young lady." He tutted and shook his head, before he turned his attention to me. "Oh and Wesley, do you think I could have a word with you after class?" He almost grunted, oh how I hate this teacher! Why can’t he just leave me alone!

"Not really, I've been assigned to show Sky to her classes" I lied. There was no way I was passing her up, so she could get grabbed by any other person in this school who owned a dick. No way! 

"Oh I see. I just wanted to ask if your brother had decided to come back from his wonder around the Continent?" he asked sarcastically. Mr Bailey hated my brother nearly as much as I did. 

"He's coming back in a few days" I shrugged with a frown on my face, I wished my asshole of a brother would just stay wherever the hell he was for the rest of eternity, but of course that’s not possible seeing as he's got his army of mutts to order about. My stupid brother was the alpha to one strongest army of wolfs in the continent - leaving me of course with the smaller four man pack!  

Oh yeah did I mention I was a werewolf?

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